There are 2 main reasons a Report or Form will not print correctly and or completely.  There are several solutions to explore, but we provide 1 solution within ElderSuite that generally fixes the issue for both scenarios and an optional workaround if our solution doesn't correct the issue.  Below, I'll attempt to explain the issues further and provide a solution as well as a workaround as a last resort.

First, many of the Reports or Forms within ElderSuite are provided by the State via PDF files.  ElderSuite simply fills out the form fields programatically and displays the form in a report viewer.  Sometimes the original author/creator of the pdf file uses a specific licensed font and forgets to embed the font in the PDF file OR doesn't have the license to legally embed the font.  This is just an oversight by the author, but it can cause problems.  When this happens the PDF file checks to see if you have the font installed on your computer.  If you DO then it renders it correctly and printing should be normal.  However, if you don't then it attempts to substitute the original font with suitable/similar font.  However, this substitution can have varying results  based on your printer and it's capabilities provided through the printer driver which is provided by the printer manufacturer. Often, it can cause the form to print incorrectly.  We find this to happen often on HP OfficeJet series of printers.  Unfortunately, the printer driver doesn't do a great job with the interpreting and formatting the Report/Form before being sent to your printer.  In this case you might need to adjust your printer's advanced settings.  Here is a link from Adobe explaining the issue in detail >>>  Unfortunately, depending on the make and model of your printer.  To make matters worse, the printer driver provided by the printer manufacturer may not have the ability to modify these settings.  This is a limiting factor for users with HP OfficeJet series printers.  If this is the case in your situtation, you can try changing the Enable Legacy Mode setting in the top right hand corner of the Report Viewer.  An image of that toggle button is show in the image below.

Second, you might be experiencing printing issues because of an outdate printer driver which is provided by your printer's manufacturer. The printer driver can sometimes have bugs or issues printing certain PDF files or other documents. Some documents may print fine and others won't.  Unfortunately, we don't have control over this.  So, again you can try changing the Enable Legacy Mode setting which essentially sends the document to your printer as an image.

If this doesn't fix your issue then you might try updating your printer driver to the latest version which can be found at your printer manufacturer's website.  If there isn't an update available for a newer version of your printer driver you might try installing your manufacturer's Universal Printer Driver which again, if provided, will be found at your printer manufacturer's website.

Finally, if none of the above methods work to resolve your printing issue we have a last-resort workaround.  You can save your Report/Form by clicking the Save As  button on the Report Viewer.  The Save As button is located next to and to the right of the Print button at the top of the Report Viewer.  After you click Save As, you can select a location where you want to save the Report/Form and give the file a more meaningful name.  After you have saved the Report/Form to your computer you can open and print the Report/Form you saved from Adobe Acrobat. The Adobe Acrobat print engine processes the PDF file in a proprietary way that will generally print the file correctly.

I hope these steps provide some insight and help to resolve your issue.


Vincent Cotton


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