Users can add new Client Information records to ElderSuite from two separate locations, either the Client List or the Client Center. The Client List is the most common place users start, so this document will begin there.

Step 1

New clients are added to ElderSuite by inputting information into the Client Information Window. To display the Client Information Window, with your mouse click the Add Client button located on the Client List Menu and pointed out in the image below.

Step 2

When the Client Information Window is be displayed it will be ready and waiting for user input by providing a new and empty record. The Client Information Window is very user friendly and each element provides an intuitive and descriptive label which explains its use. As such, this help document will not explain each window field-by-field. Instead, this document will focus on specific elements and navigating the window.

Item 4, the Menu Bar is located at the top of the Client Information Window and spans the complete width of the Client Information Window. In addition it contains buttons which perform actions which are described by their respective labels. Items 1 & 2 are Navigation Tabs. Each Navigation Tab has a container called a Tab Page and each Tab Page contains content on its of the type described by its Navigation Tab's label. This content is displayed only when the Navigation Tab and is Active. Active Navigation Tabs are green in color and Inactive Navigation Tabs are blue in color. There can only be one Active Navigation Tab at any time. To navigate to a different Tab Page, simply click on a desired Navigation Tab and its Tab Page will be displayed. When you have finished inputting data, locate the Save & Close button which is the farthest left button on the Menu Bar and click it with your mouse. If ElderSuite finds no issues with your entry then it will successfully add the record to the ElderSuite database and close the Client Information Window. However, if ElderSuite discovers any issues with your entry, you will be notified of the issue and required to correct before the record will be added to the ElderSuite database. 

Below are additional images of each available Tab Page on the Client Information Window.

Admission Info Tab Page with Admission Dates Tab Page Displayed

The Admission Info tab is used contains fields that a user should ensure is records during a client's initial Intake.  Many of these items are used by ElderSuite's Automation Services and will be needed for authorization of services, submitting and getting reimbursed for claims.

Admission Info  Tab Page with Payment Settings  Tab Page Displayed

It should be quite obvious that the Payment Settings need to be completed before a user can submit claims. Additionally, you want to do this as quickly as possible and definitely before you start inputting Attendance & Transportation Records (Times). The reason is because when you input those records ElderSuite uses this information combined with automation and special calculations to create claims on the fly. So, if this information isn't available out of inconvenience and just decide select something to move on, stop what your doing and find the correct information.  It will same you lots of extra work in the longrun because one a claim is created and has specific information ElderSuite won't replace that date for those existing claims. It will only serve it's purse for future claims.  We see too many people that put off and 2-3 weeks later and two weeks 2-3 weeks worth of claims that were created via automation now need to be corrected manually before being submitted.

Claim Setup Window displayed when Claim Setup Button is clicked

The same applies to the Claims setup.  This basically acts as a template that the automation routines use to create your claims when clients are in attendance. So, this information is mandatory for any claims ElderSuite will be submitting through one of the clearinghouses such as Medicaid or Insurance. Private Pay clients aren't affect by this as much.

Admission Info with Scheduling displayed.

Scheduling is another great time saving feature because it's used by our automation system to autmomatically input times that will be used by our automation routines later. It basically does all your work for you. Unfortunately, there are some States that will not all this to be used, for example Texas as it requires logs.

Emergency Contacts Tab Page with Primary Contact Tab Page displayed. The Secondary Contact Tab Page provides the same view as the Primary Contact Tab Page and is not be displayed

The Emergency Contacts description pretty much says it all. Each client can be assigned two Emergency Contacts, a Primary Contact and a Secondary Contact.

Case Worker Tab Page Displayed

The Case Worker description pretty much says it all. Assign a preferred Case Worker for a client by selecting a Case Worker from the list.  If the Case Worker you desire isn't found in the list, simply click the button with the green plus symbol to add a new Case Worker. After adding a new Case Worker it will be available for future use without needing to be re-entered.

Physician Tab Page Displayed

The Physician description pretty much says it all. Assign a preferred Physician for a client by selecting a Physician from the list.  If the Physician you desire isn't found in the list, simply click the button with the green plus symbol to add a new Physician. After adding a new Physician it will be available for future use without needing to be re-entered.

Pharmacy Tab Page Displayed

The Pharmacy description pretty much says it all. Assign a preferred Pharmacy for a client by selecting a Pharmacy from the list.  If the Pharmacy you desire isn't found in the list, simply click the button with the green plus symbol to add a new Pharmacy. After adding a new Pharmacy it will be available for future use without needing to be re-entered.

Hospital Tab Page Displayed

The Hospital description pretty much says it all. Assign a preferred Hospital for a client by selecting a Hospital from the list.  If the Hospital you desire isn't found in the list, simply click the button with the green plus symbol to add a new Hospital. After adding a new Hospital it will be available for future use without needing to be re-entered.

Documents Tab Page Displayed

ElderSuite's Document Management features are arguably the most underrated features available within ElderSuite. Users can Scan and upload existing charts and documents which are normally filed in a paper chart or filing cabinet. Not only does it save space and the environment, but it also saves money and time by allowing any authorized user to access the files without the need to search for a paper chart in a filing cabinet or worse, on someone's desk. Any available Documents are also listed for each client on the Client List making them quickly accessible.

Notes Tab Page Displayed

A great way to make quick notes which are also viewable from the Client List. Notes can also be added from the Client List.

Other Tab Page Displayed

The Alerts field is where users can input anything that needs to be highly visible and show up immediately when viewing a client's record from the Client List.  Any data entered in the Alerts field will display in bright red and grabs user's attention makes it harder to miss. Maybe is extremely allergic to a medication or food and you want users to notice this information. Just jot a quick note in the Alerts field to aid in preventing mishaps.

Setup User Defined Fields Window displayed when Manage Fields Button is clicked

The Other Tab you'll notice a Manage Fields button. You click this button and you can add up to 10 custom fields for ALL client records. So, if there's something you need to record and we don't have the field for it, this is where you put it.  You basically put the name that you want it to be labeled and check the Visible box and it will start appearing on all client's records. If you no longer want to record it, you can come back and click on Manage Fields again and simply un-check the Visible box and it will disappear from each client's records.  Please note: any data previously recorded is not removed when un-checking the Visible box.  It is simply no longer visible. You can show it again at anytime by making it Visible.

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