ElderSuite Subscription

ElderSuite is Software as a Service (SaaS) provided via a monthly subscription. The ElderSuite Subscription includes access to ElderSuite Software, and any services ElderSuite currently provides. Each ElderSuite Subscription includes services for a single provider. A provider is defined as one physical location where services are rendered. If your organization has more than one location then a separate subscription must be purchased. Each ElderSuite Subscription is all-inclusive and and there are no additional costs. New ElderSuite subscribers are eligible for a Free 30 Day Trial. There are no obligations to continue service after the free trial period has ended. Each ElderSuite subscription is provided month-to-month and there are no service contracts to sign. In additional we honor a "No Questions Asked" Cancellation Policy. Each ElderSuite Subscription includes:

ElderSuite Software

The ElderSuite software is a client-side application provided to subscribers to access and transmit data between the subscriber's location and the ElderSuite Network.

A subscription includes access to and the use of the latest version of the ElderSuite Software available during the subscription period. After initial installation, ElderSuite Software updates are installed automatically.

The ElderSuite Software can be installed on an unlimited number computers, can have unlimited number of users and can even be installed at off-premise locations.

The ElderSuite Software can manage multiple ElderSuite Subscriptions on one computer.

The latest version of the Eldersuite Software can always be found on our website at www.eldersuite.com. See Downloading ElderSuite for instructions..

ElderSuite Network

The ElderSuite Network is the most important aspect of the ElderSuite SaaS. However, most aren't really aware it exists. If they are it generally goes unnoticed, and that's a good thing! This just means the service is functioning normally.

The ElderSuite Network is the infrastructure where we manage and maintain all ElderSuite data, ElderSuite Network hardware and ElderSuite software. The ElderSuite Network provides data security, data integrity, fail-over redundancy, data backup, threat detection, encryption keys, auditing, HIPAA compliance, and more.

Our goal is to provide a fast, reliable and secure infrastructure. To meet this goal, the ElderSuite Network consists of multiple data centers located in multiple geographical regions across the United States.

We never maintain data outside of the United States and all ElderSuite data is encrypted at rest and during transmission.

ElderSuite Support

Premium support is included with each ElderSuite Subscription and provided to all users. We offer both Traditional Support and Self-Serve Support. See the Requesting Support section for additional support information.

Additional Support for ElderSuite is always available by phone toll-free at +1 888.999.8055

Visit ElderSuite: www.eldersuite.com

Visit ElderSuite Help Center: support.eldersuite.com

E-mail ElderSuite Support: support@eldersuite.com

ElderSuite is the Leading Elder Care Management Software for Adult Day Care, Adult Day Service, Adult Day Health, Day Activity Health Service and many other Elder Care Service Providers