Before you begin inputting information into ElderSuite there are a few things which need to be setup first. This documentation will explain the importance of completing this step and then provide specifics about completing the steps.

What is ElderSuite's Automation Services?

ElderSuite's Automation Services is our innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which implements automation to complete tasks for users. ElderSuite's Automation Services is present throughout ElderSuite and is continuously working for the user by reacting automatically and silently when needed and without interrupting the user. Completing user tasks in this manner results in increased efficiency and increased productivity by defeating double data entry. In addition, it minimizes the entry point that human error can occur and results in increased revenue and lowered operating costs. In order for ElderSuite's Automation Services to operate correctly, it is dependent upon certain data being available. This data must be complete and accurate.

Preparing for Success

Preparing for success means we must ensure ElderSuite's Automation Services has been provided any necessary information required to complete its job successfully and accurately. Failing to prepare for success is equal to preparing for failure. ElderSuite's benefits will not be realized if these steps are skipped and is guaranteed to cause additional work and frustration which could be avoided by spending a few minutes preparing. Basically, failing to prepare will result in more work for users which must be completed manually. To avoid this scenario, ensure to prepare first and allow ElderSuite's Automation Services to work for you.

To prepare for success, complete the setup of the following before continuing the use of ElderSuite.

  1. Setup Employees - Adding User Credentials & Setting Permissions
  2. Setup Payment Types
  3. Setup Routes
  4. Setup Meal Contract Information
  5. Setup Meal Times
  6. Setup Clearing House(s)

Please Note: The setup of the items above should be completed in the order listed.

Prepare to be awed!

That's it! Now that you have prepared successfully by ensuring things are setup accurately, you are ready to experience ElderSuite's Automation Services working for you!

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