The Client List, displayed below, is where you can find and access all your Client's/Member's/Patients's information. The Client List window can't be closed like the other windows within ElderSuite. The Client List is always the first window to be displayed after logging into ElderSuite.


As shown in the image below, you can use the buttons at the top of the window to Add Clients, Edit Clients, Add Client Notes, Manage Client Documents, and Export Client Records.

Quick Find

As shown in the image below, when the list is selected, you can use your keyboard to type and ElderSuite will seek the matching record that corresponds to the input text. For example, if you type the letter "c" on your keyboard, it will highlight the first record matching your input.

Advanced Searching

As shown in the image below you can type your search text into the Find field and the click the Find button to show records matching the string typed into the Find field.

Filter Records

As shown in the image below you can use the View dropdown box to select between the type of clients which will be displayed. The options are All Clients or Active Clients. The default view is Active Clients.

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