It’s hard to believe that double data entry still exists in healthcare.

Yet, here we are.

Providers who rely on paper must prepare for extra data entry. Culprits such as paper and a lack of technology integrations drive the need for manually typing information into one system.  Then accessing another system to type in that same data.

But it doesn’t stop there.

For example--let's say a paper method is implemented in an Adult Day Care provider facility or an Adult Day Service provider facility. In this case, daily attendance records, daily transportation records and electronic billing each rely on and use the same data. These providers are required to record the times a client, member, or patient is picked-up and dropped-off on to a Daily Transportation Record. Then they are required to re-enter that same data on a Daily Attendance Record for auditing purposes. They are also required to calculate and input unit totals for the data re-entered. Last, someone must again re-type the same information into a clearinghouse or payer portal to create and submit claims for reimbursement.

In this model, not only are employees re-entering data, but they are performing calculations. That’s a lot of wasted time and is prone to inaccuracies.

Here’s another scenario--imagine your team uses ElderSuite which allows an employee to record the same times only once. Then ElderSuite compiles those times automatically to generate any additional reports or forms and perform and required calculations. In addition, ElderSuite automatically creates and submits claims to each payer through a clearinghouse. This prevents all double data entry as well as reduces the entry point for human error when performing calculations.

Let’s discuss why double data entry is an evil that must be stopped.

1. Double Data Entry Steals Time

A single drop of water is only a nuisance. But a downpour can flood a house.

Double data entry fits this model. The time it takes to duplicate efforts steals time. Maybe it’s just a check here or a time entry there. However, the time builds quickly into meaningful hours.

2. It Demands Resources

Data entry requires people. Do you assign data entry to employees? Perhaps you try to cram it in with your other responsibilities? Either way, you need warm bodies to complete double data entry and those individuals are paid for their contributions.

3. It Yields Inaccuracies

Data entry is boring. I repeat: It’s boring.

This is especially true for double data entry. You go to one system, type in the information, save and close. Then move to the next system and repeat.

This repetition, coupled with the low level of mental acuity required to complete the task, often results in inadvertent errors. A number may be transposed. A time may be entered into one system but not the other. Or perhaps an entry is calculated incorrectly. Any of these errors--not to mention a compilation of these mistakes--can lead to massive road bumps in your financial performance, reporting and ultimately revenue.

4. It Negates Timeliness

Data entry doesn’t happen in real time. There’s always a lag. Generally, a pile adds up and then the data entry happens over the course of a few hours or even days.

The result is that important data isn’t entered into your system in a timely fashion. You’re always looking at data that is outdated.

5. It Distracts

Inefficiencies such as double data entry distract from your core business. You have employees in the trenches instead of contributing on a more meaningful level. In fact, you may be the one tied to a keyboard when you could be tackling new partnerships, adding new clients, or expanding.

How can you avoid double data entry?

Two words: Integrated technologies.

ElderSuite is helping make double data entry obsolete.

Consider this workflow within ElderSuite:

  1. An employee enters attendance times for clients via ElderSuite.
  2. The recorded times are compiled, and units are automatically calculated.
  3. The times are used to automatically generate reports via ElderSuite.
  4. The times are used to automatically generate claims via ElderSuite.
  5. Claims can then be submitted electronically for reimbursement via ElderSuite.

Imagine this same system applying to and eliminating double entry within other areas of your business such as:

Nursing Documentation

           Health Assessments

           Physician’s Orders

           Medication Administration Records (MARS)



           Monthly Nursing Assessments

           Nurses Notes

Activity Director Documentation

           Monthly Activity Assessments

Social History Assessments

Food & Nutrition

           Daily Meal Count & Attendance

           Claim for Reimbursement/Food Billing

ElderSuite eliminates double data entry for all of these examples and many more.  Additionally, data in ElderSuite can be exported and used in other applications allowing information to flow electronically between systems. Your data will be timely, making it much more efficient and accurate.

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