The ElderSuite Installer installs ElderSuite, which contains the ElderSuite software, user documentation, and other components required by ElderSuite.

Administrator privileges are not required for the ElderSuite Installer or for ElderSuite to function properly. However, you cannot specify the installation location of ElderSuite. To learn more about system requirements before installing ElderSuite see System Requirements.

This document describes how to install ElderSuite using a wizard.

Step 1

Open the ElderSuiteSetup.exe file you downloaded by clicking it with your mouse.


Step 2

After you open the file, the ElderSuite Installer will launch and it display the welcome page. You will be given the option to continue with the installation or cancel the installation. Click the Next button to proceed with the installation. Note: The ElderSuite Installer displays the version of ElderSuite which will be installed and will not match the version number found here in the documentation. 

Step 3

On the next screen, the license agreement will be displayed for you to review. Clicking the Back button takes you to the previous screen. To proceed with the setup, you must accept the terms of license agreement by clicking on the I accept the agreement box. You can also print the license agreement by clicking the Print link.

Step 4

After you review and accept the license agreement the Install button will be enabled. To proceed with the installation click the Install button.

Step 5

After clicking the Install button, ElderSuite will proceed with the installation and the last screen will notify you that the setup is complete.  Check or uncheck the Launch ElderSuite option to chose whether or not ElderSuite will be launched after clicking the Finish button. Click the Finish button to exit the ElderSuite Installer.

Note: If you uncheck the Launch ElderSuite option, you must click the ElderSuite icon on your desktop to start ElderSuite.

Additional Support for ElderSuite is always available by phone toll-free at +1 888.999.8055

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