Managing Device Installations allows the ElderSuite Account Administrator to manage all current and previous installations of ElderSuite that have been granted access to the Provider's ElderSuite Account.  At anytime the Account Administrator or any user give access to this feature, can Manage Device Installations to deny or grant access to the provider's ElderSuite Account. This is done by Authorizing or Deauthorizing  device.

Step 1

The Manage Device Installations Window is accessible in the Provider Center. Using your mouse ,click Provider Center button located on the ElderSuite Navigation Bar and pointed out in the image below.

Step 2

When the Provider Center is displayed, using your mouse click the Manage Device Installations button located in the Provider Center and pointed out in the image below.

Step 3

The Device Installation List will be displayed and shows all devices that currently or previously granted access to the provider's ElderSuite Account. To Authorize or Deauthorize a device, edit the device by opening the Device Record. To open a Device Record, select the device with your mouse and click the Edit Button located on the Device Installation List Menu Bar.

Step 4

When the Device Installation Information Window is displayed edit the Deauthorized Check Box value to Authorize or Deauthorize the device.  Checking the box will Deauthorize the selected device and prevent the device from accessing the provider's ElderSuite Account even when valid credentials are provided. Unchecking the box will Authorize a device to access the provider's ElderSuite Account to be accessed with valid credentials. After selecting the desired value, click the Save & Close Button to save the changes and close the Device Installation Information Window.

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