Are you receiving a message similar to the one below?

"Claim Status Code: F0238 - The EOB Code List is missing. Please try re-installing"

If so, ElderSuite is notifying you that your "EOB Message List" is not accessible.

The file has likely been deleted and ElderSuite is notifying you that you must re-install ElderSuite to solve the issue. Re-Installing ElderSuite will re-install any missing files. Since that file is missing, there may be others that have been deleted as well.

What is an EOB Message List?

An "EOB Message List" is a text file containing descriptive messages for codes which are returned within response files. ElderSuite uses this list to help interpreting problems with claims by adding a descriptive message along with the code found in your response files. This prevents the need to memorize codes or wasting time searching what a specific code means.

A missing EOB Code list is not a serious issue unless it continues disappearing. To fix the problem follow the recommendation provided in the message you received and re-install ElderSuite.

Instructions for Downloading ElderSuite are provided here: Downloading ElderSuite

Instructions for Installing ElderSuite are provided here: Installing ElderSuite

Please note, if for some reason this doesn't solve your problem or if you continue to have this issue, please Create a New Support Ticket Here as we will need to investigate what could be continuously removing Installed ElderSuite files.

Support is always available by phone toll-free at +1 888.999.8055


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